Our Technique

Energy Management Resources for Major Industrial Firms Since 1994, Sterling Energy Services, LLC has assisted major industrial manufacturing firms manage their energy use.
We work on the consumption side of the meter to make energy a competitive tool for business by reducing the use and cost of energy per unit of production.
We are involved in managing over a half billion dollars of annual energy expenditures throughout North America using an approach that has been proven effective over and over again. No gimmicks or quick fixes, just hard work applying solid engineering economics to plant energy systems, combined with comprehensive documentation, measurement, and essential follow-up and support.

Our Commitment


Our sole goal is to assist clients incorporate the efficient use of energy into daily operations throughout all their facilities.


We work exclusively for major energy users. We never sell or promote any energy or equipment supplier.


All program actions are based on sound engineering, economic, and environmental priciples, and follow a proven approach.


Our approach is tailored to each client's process, resources, and time-frame, and is designed to assure success by moving energy expense dollars to the bottom line.


Sterling Energy has experience in most energy-intensive industries, including forest products, paper & recycled paper, wood products, packaging, converting, plastics, glass, metals, mining, transportation, food, chemicals, clay, synthetic rubber & foams, as well as military municipal water and waste water...

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Corporate Values

Sterling Energy Services has established its business based upon the primary values of trust, integrity, fairness, and environmental resposibility in all of our activities. We rigorously apply these values at both an individual and corporate level in our day-to-day actions. Sterling Energy believes all business...

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