About Energy Desktop

Sterling Energy has worked with Verco Global in the development of Energy Desktop, a secure web-based energy, water, resource and environmental management tool. Its implementation is central to a successful, ongoing energy and waste reduction program, managing the process of continuous improvement and cost reduction across a large organization. It has been developed to create a collaborative environment to support energy management, carbon management, and environmental reporting. As an integrated hub of knowledge, metrics, information and reporting tools, Energy Desktop enables users to collect business improvement innovations and share the experience and knowledge across the company. Utilizing a methodical approach, the program promotes the rapid progression of all business improvement opportunities from concept through to implementation, so users can:

  • Drive down operational costs
  • Manage energy and resource usage
  • Mitigate environmental risk
  • Increase profit margin on each unit of production

Information Security & accessibility

A web-based dynamic database application. Energy Desktop can be accessed worldwide via
any web browser including mobile devices.

Unlimited users can be set up across a global enterprise with different user rights limiting access to other sites and system function, etc.

SSL password protected web-based interface ensures protection of data while allowing users to access the system from any location using the web.

Case Studies

Energy Desktop is used at over 250 major industrial plants sites throughout both the United States and Europe.

Features of Energy Desktop

    • Energy desktop offers an intuitive front end using a hierarchical structure (from group-level, to site-level, down to individual departments and meter points)
    • Energy Desktop features interactive, drill-down management graphs, key performance indicator (KPI) tracking, and built in document management.
    • Energy Desktop has unlimited simultaneous users, each with customizable access and security permissions. Each user can have their own customizable home page showing performance statistics and links to meter readings relevant to their role.
    • Trend data from automatic or manually collected data points.
    • Project Tracking features including project scheduling (Gantt charts) and project savings/payback reports.

Additional Information

For additional information on Energy Desktop and to arrange for a demo, please contact us at info@sterling.energy