Client Centered Programs

All energy programs are tailored to provide only the essential elements required to meet the clients’ needs. We collaborate closely with internal resources and only provide the support that is essential to assure success in achieving the program goals, often exceeding 10% of total energy spend.

Energy Audits and Assessments

  • On-site facility assessments to determine current usage,
    efficiency, and cost
  • Identify high impact energy conservation solutions including
    low or no cost solutions
  • Evaluate energy conservation project costs and savings
  • Procurement of available utility and government incentives
  • Measurement & Verification of energy conservation
    measures implemented

Automated Data Collection & Continuous Monitoring

  • Eliminate human error and improve data collection accuracy
  • Automated drill-down management reports and key performance indicator (KPI) tracking
  • Import from existing data collection systems or via our wireless automated data loggers
  • Scalable from single site to multi-site organizations
  • See Energy Desktop page for more details

Renewable Energy Solutions

  • Renewable energy project evaluation including solar, wind,
    and biomass projects
  • Evaluating renewable energy purchases as part of your
    renewable energy portfolio
  • Tracking of carbon credits and savings from renewable
    energy projects

Demand Side Energy Solutions

  • Identify energy conservation projects. Evaluate energy and
    cost savings from implementation energy conservation
  • Project Management
  • Demand Response Solutions
  • Time-of-Day Energy Optimization

Supply Side Energy Solutions

  • Energy Procurement & Risk Management
  • Monitoring of market energy pricing and trends
  • Utility Rate Negotiation
  • Utility Bill Auditing
  • Evaluate options for self-generation or third-party

Areas of Focus

  • Steam Production & Distribution
  • Process Heating & Drying
  • Heat Recovery Systems
  • Electric Motors & Drives
  • Motor Management Programs
  • Chilled Water & HVAC Systems
  • Compressed Air Systems
  • Pneumatic Systems
  • Combined Heat & Power
  • Distributed Generation
  • Plant Lighting Systems
  • Building Envelopes